UNIVERSITA’ DEGLI STUDI DI BRESCIA, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Metallurgy group, Group of Machine Design and Applied Mechanics participate to the project as a partner of the company network, evaluating extremely interesting and innovative the topic of the project, both in technical and scientific field. They also believe they can bring a significant contribution for the achievement of the project objectives and to be able to benefit at the same time in terms of importance of the results obtained, in the scientific field, too.

UNIBS will work, within the project, on 3 elements. Mainly it will deal with aspects of mechanical and metallurgical characterization both of the components produced with current technologies, and of those produced with the advanced technology developed during the project. It will carry out, therefore, mechanical characterization tests (strength, hardness, resilience, fracture mechanics, fatigue) on a large number of specimens both casted apart and derived from the castings by machining. In this way, it will be possible to provide to designers and simulators a complete picture of the mechanical properties of the material as a function of the thickness, of the position and of the process parameters and heat treatment.

UNIBS will carry out, in addition, a complete micrographic and defect analysis of the samples in order to correlate the mechanical properties and the failure modalities with the microstructural characteristics and the presence of possible defects related to the process.

Moreover, UNIBS will study, supporting the designers of other operating units, a test bench which can be used for testing on entire components repeating realistic load conditions studied in the project in order to verify if the failure modalities of the component are those provided for with the simulation. UNIBS will perform structural simulations through finite element computer code ABAQUS (or equivalent) using the mechanical characteristics previously determined.

Finally, UNIBS will play a particularly active role in the dissemination of the project results, not only to the national and international scientific community, but also to the domestic industry.

The university research groups, involved in the project, have extensive experience in the field of industrial research and experimental development, both at the regional level (participation in tenders of Metadistricts and ATP, provision of services on Innovation Voucher and other local interventions) and national (participation in PRIN, ministerial research projects of various kind). They include numerous collaborations with companies of the automotive sector and have been working together for years in a structured form with other partner companies.

In this way, UNIBS brings to the partnership its expertise in metallurgical and constructive field, as regards the mechanical characterization of the castings, their defect analysis and the structural simulation of the component under real stress. All this with the aim to validate both the process and the new alloys used, and providing to designers with a coherent set of data which allows to optimize the component design.


The benefit, deriving from the participation in the project for the University of Brescia, consists of the acquisition of knowledge in the specific field and the possibility of a further line of research on which it has already been operating for a long time. In particular, the activities carried out by UNIBS are entirely aimed at the research in the metallurgy field, the mechanical characterization of new alloys and the modelling of new processes with the objective of being able to bring an innovative and usable contribution to the scientific and technical community. In this particular case, UNIBS would benefit of a role of primary importance in the phases of research and development subsequent to the closing of the project both with the partners and with their potential customers.



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