Modelleria ed AnimisteriaFranciacorta is specialized in the design and construction of models and moulds for foundries, gravity and low pressure casting, and cores production with Shell Moulding, Cordis, and CleanTech processes.

We offer our experience and our expertise, ensuring the customer a collaboration that aims to improve the performance of the moulds that we produce and the resolution of any issues of implementation, both in terms of design and during the realization.

Our goal is the continuous optimization of production processes, in order not only to improve the service we provide to customers, but also to create a human friendly work environment and minimize the environmental impact.

The company was established in 1999 but has its roots in the far-off 1976 when Mr Agostino Zanini founded the company Modelleria Zanini S.n.c., initially focused on the production of wooden models for sand foundries and later on the production of metal dies for foundries.

During the following years, when our clients also asked us to supply our own core boxes, the company equipped itself with machines for producing cores with the shell moulding process.

Following the success that these received from the market, the small artisan business, established to produce samples and small series, expanded to the point that it deserved a dedicated production area and a reference in the name of the company.

This is the story behind the birth in 1999 of Modelleria ed Animisteria Franciacorta S.r.l., a company which currently employs more than fifty people in its design, die and core production, administrative, commercial and quality control departments.



The project design phase is carried out together with the customer, assessing, case by case, the problems we, but above all, the customer, may encounter during production with low pressure moulds, gravity moulds, core boxes or shell moulding cores.


The department is equipped with three work stations guaranteeing a capacity of 5,000 hours/year.

The project design department then follows the first sampling of the tools, to check that they function and comply with the customer’s specifications.


Quality Control

The management of production processes enables us to constantly monitor the progress of production, allowing us to provide consistent quality products, and respond quickly to any problems.


To ensure the dimensional accuracy of parts, which can be moulds or cores, a laser scanning control device is used, then generating a clear and easy to interpret dimensional report.



Mould Realization

Within the die production department, the latest generation CNC work centres and lathes of various sizes are used to produce both small parts and large equipment weighing more than 100 quintals.

Once the mechanical machining phases have finished, the parts are then assembled by highly qualified personnel with many years of experience.

The annual production capacity of the die production department is 36,000 hours/year. A wide variety of types of products can be made.

The large variety of products we create ranges from gravity or low pressure moulds for manifolds, wet sumps, timing cases, gear boxes, covers, fly-wheel casing, water pumps, cylinder heads, differentials and supports, to core boxes for producing the insides of the parts listed above and models applied to match plates complete with casting system for any type of part, which requires sand casting.


Core Production

The core production department is equipped for shell moulding, cordis and cleantech processes with completely automated, highly efficient machinery.


In the continuous search for solutions to meet the needs of foundries and sustainable development for the environment we have recently expanded our fleet to be able to provide cores made with the new inorganic process called CORDIS and the even more recent process of organic forming Cleantech of which we have the exclusive to the Italian territory. 


Progetto 2 millimetri

The task of Modelleria e Animisteria Franciacorta within the Progetto 2 mm will be to realize the moulds in low pressure, on the basis of the results of process simulations in which will be included the data provided by the partners involved for what concerns: alloys, surface treatment, coating and thermoregulation. In addition, the company will realize the cordis cores.

As soon as the equipments are realized, Modelleria e Animisteria Franciacorta will support the foundry during the sampling phase, in order to identify possible improvements and resolve any problems related to the peculiarities of the project.

The benefit deriving from the participation to the project consists in the possibility to acquire specific know-how in the design and construction of moulds at low pressure with the vacuum application.


The Modelleria ed Animisteria Franciacorta provides to the project its structure and ten-year experience in the field of foundry equipments.


Modelleria ed Animisteria Franciacorta S.r.l.  

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25050  Rodengo Saiano (Bs) Italy

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