The OMR Group produces components involved in the production of: cars, vehicles using tires, industrial and earth moving vehicles. This production is spread out within the most important “original equipment” market and is carried out by the following branches.


The profound changes taking place within the organisation of the large manufacturing industries (make or buy) (with an increase in out-sourcing) has brought the fundamental role of the components suppliers to a world-wide scale, (now representing 70% of the finished vehicle). At the same time the working relationship between the suppliers and the large automobile manufacturers has changed radically and is now based on a higher level of integration and a greater sharing of responsibilities, risks and benefits.



2 Milimeter project

As project leader, FMB brings to the partnership expertise and knowledge of the foundry process parameters necessary for the design and construction of the plants and the parameters of the casting process and of the heat treatment process necessary for the simulation activities, mould construction and casting of the products developed in the project. FMB also provides technical knowledge, drawings and models for the development of products which will result from the market research and the relationship activity with the technological sponsors of the project. In addition, as project leader, FMB will deal with the Project Management activities.

FMB brings its expertise in the search for innovative alloys, thanks to the collaboration with leading companies of the field.

The achievement of cast components with 2 mm thickness, through processes in gravity and low pressure casting, represents a completely evolution in the automotive field. Through the development of the melting process in low pressure and gravity casting, it will be possible to obtain significant reductions of the component weights of about 20%.


The competitive advantage in this case is huge, it is sufficient to consider that, currently, the average thicknesses of the castings are about 3,5 - 4 mm.




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