DIESSE was founded in 1971 as a company specialized in the design and construction of special casting and welding systems. Then, with the aim of satisfying the market's need, they became specialized in the construction of automatic robotic islands, without setting aside the possibility of special projects not included in the original fields. They dispose of highly trained staff and foremost structures, which have enabled them to obtain the certificates needed, attesting the quality of equipment.

DIESSE can rely on a technical team with remarkable experience and extensive know-how to study and assess the best solution to meet the customer specific requirements. Establishing and achieving at the same time, a close co-operation with the customer and a series of highly reliable innovative products.

Thanks to modern innovation they can vary equipment according to sizes and characteristic.

The strength of our staff lies in the meticulous observance of all the best assembly and test methods with repeated control of all the operating cycles of the equipment on consignment.

Hence a product which is characterized by qualitative standards of reliability, functionality and security, leading to the satisfaction of the customer.


Diesse equipments occupies an uncontested position at the forefront of the world market. The machines are known for their operational reliability and high standard of engineering. Diesse has also distinguished itself as a sound and credible business partner. Hence a dependable manufacturer, able to offer its customers vast experience and know-how, this being the true hallmark of a specialist.

Diesse machines are  not constructed as standard models. Customers-specific requirements can, of course, be catered for, with the easy assistance of our technical office, which can handle all forms of technical drawing and design.

Diesse is able to offer efficient service, high quality products and professional assistance to the Industry. This objective goes for Diesse’s every sphere of activity.

Our technician’s track record of longstanding experience with delivery and installation all over the world has earned them an acknowledgement and reputation for efficient service.


The continuous research of the most innovative solution induces Diesse to be involved in the “2mm project”, bringing its experience in production of casting machines, by low pressure technology. 


Aluminium casting low pressure machines

The low pressure machine is a support structure for a casting tool and a furnace positioned below the casting tool. The tool is refilled of aluminium by an air overpressure in the furnace which allows the aluminium to raise on the upper part, inside the tool.


The control panel is fully electronic and encompasses all the casting process controls, including metal cooling control. An advanced supervision system ensures continuous maintenance of the efficiency of all the set parameters. 


DIESSE low pressure machines can be equipped with automated devices like: die clearing, treatment of the casting, casting channel obstruction control, filter insertion, etc.  

2 Milimeter project

Inside this project, Diesse will manufactures the low pressure casting machine and the furnace. 

The person coordinating the project is the owner, Mr Francesco Speziani. A technical staff is in charge of interface between the tool, the machine and the electric and electronic control panel.

The benefit for involving Diesse in this project is the possibility to develop an innovative equipment for a potential market in production of automotive structural components.


Diesse with its long term experience, in cooperation with the partners, will bring its know-how in design, construction and development in low pressure casting equipment.




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