Altea is a company founded in the late 90s by the current owners based in Monticelli Brusati, in the province of Brescia. The requests of our customers have stimulated the research and the development of new technologies which have made possible the growth of our business.


The great technical and economical commitment led us to realize the DRY LUB SYSTEM, an innovative system for the application of powder release agents on the mould, very effective and environmentally friendly, both in gravity and low pressure casting.


The DRY LUB SYSTEM, with the right product, can be applied to all sectors of light alloy foundry:

  • Gravity and low pressure casting,
  •  Aluminium, zinc and magnesium die-casting,
  •  Aluminium extrusion,
  •  Aluminium forging.



Altea is specialised in the design and production of equipments for the dry lubrication of moulds of light alloy die-casting and gravity casting, automatic and manual. The Altea’s equipments are customized, realized in collaboration with the customers in order to satisfy their requirements. 




Over the years, in addition to the production of equipments, Altea has developed and implemented a full range of lubricant waxes for the die-casting of aluminium, zinc, magnesium, as well as specific powders for the gravity casting, low pressure and aluminium extrusion.

Altea’s main goal is to realize equipments which help the cost reduction, respecting the environment and improving the production.

The systems, patented by Altea, are designed to reduce the dispersions of powder in the working environment, thanks to the micro dosingof the powder application and to the electrostatic efficiency. Altea is in continuous development of its technologies to make them more and more efficient and for the application in the most diverse sectors of the foundry.


As part of “Progetto 2 millimetri”, Altea will be responsible for:

  • Research and study of solid lubricants which allow to preserve the deterioration of the coating applied to the moulds and to improve the flow of the material.
  • Study of a system allowing the electrostatic application of powder lubricants and which permits to overcome in the best way the Faraday cage caused by the 2 mm thickness. The system will aim to limit the accumulations and dispersions in the workplace, resulting in a healthier environment.
  • Study and implementation of a system for the talc application for the Cordis cores. This requires, in addition to the realization of a particular equipment, the search for the most suitable lubricant.


Studying and implementing the application of powder release agents, the Altea’s contribution will allow a better flow of the cast material and separation of the part, as well as less wear of the coating.


The benefit of participating to the project for Altea will consist in the possibility of developing an integrated management system for the mould lubrication.


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